Where can you hear the hugely-popular kids’ singer Mr. Steve and American Idol finalists “Big Mike” Lynche and Katelyn Epperly sing on the same stage as Rock God Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)? Barrett Productions, LLC, producer of the wildly popular Player Piano Plus (250,000 downloads and counting!), is proud to announce its latest app: GoGo Xylo for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

GoGo Xylo is an incredibly realistic and fun way to learn to play music, backed by a star-studded band that includes the artists above.  What sets GoGo apart from other music apps is the quality and attention to detail—the sounds are not the synthetic toy keyboard notes you’re used to hearing, but rather rich and resonant like a real xylophone.  The graphics are dynamic, and lush; full of animation and fun.

Simply pick a song, and GoGo Xylo shows you exactly which notes to play and when…it couldn’t be easier to play with the band!  GoGo Xylo has a million cool features, including major and minor key selection, fully-notated sheet music, difficulty selection, and full polyphony, among others.

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